Why Windows 10 is a Game Changer

Do you remember the feeling you had when Windows 7 finally came out? How it looked awesome, but more importantly how it just worked? It was faster and more reliable, without the bugs and quirks we had become accustomed to with Vista. It’s hard to believe it came out on October of 2009, almost 6 years ago. Now do you remember how you felt when you saw Windows 8? Or better yet do you remember how you felt when you tried to use it? Let’s just say Windows 8 hasn’t been Microsoft’s greatest success. Without Microsoft Operating System leading the charge the rest of their products just seem to fall flat as well. Since Windows 8 came out Microsoft has been trying to catch up to its competitors (Google and Apple) as opposed to innovating and trying to lead that charge. We need a strong future centered Microsoft. Not only did Microsoft bring us Windows and Microsoft Office, perhaps the two pieces of software most used around the world, but it was through Microsoft and IE that the internet transformed from a hard to use tool to an accessible engine that transformed the world. One could easily make the argument that Google’s success was built on Microsoft’s foundations. In order to take back its lead and to become relevant again, Microsoft needs a home run. From what I’ve seen from Windows 10 so far, I think they got it.

I’ve been using Microsoft’s Technical Preview on my secondary system for the past couple of months. Here’s why I think Windows 10 is the greatest operating system ever created:

  1. It is replacing Windows 8. That alone is a cause for celebration. Windows 8 simply was not well received, and with good reason. Its metro home page, although acceptable for a tablet, created an extremely unpleasant experience when using it with a desktop. It took its users out of their comfort zone without improving their experience.

  2. Since we are going over items that have been replaced let’s have a moment of silence for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has been around since 1995, and as I’ve previously mentioned it has been responsible for making the web accessible to people everywhere. But throughout the years it’s become harder and harder to work with. Features that worked on several other popular Web Browsers just weren’t supported by IE, making it a nightmare to work with for Web Developers around the World. With Windows 10 that problem will now be going away with the introduction of “Project Spartan” as the new default browser for Windows. From what I’ve seen so far while IE has become slow and cluttered. Project Spartan is lean and fast. It feels like a modern web browser on par with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

  3. The start menu is back! I believe this one speaks for itself.

  4. Perhaps one of the features I was the most excited about since the moment I heard about it is the implementation of multiple desktops. If you are not sure what that means I recommend watching this quick demo. This is a feature that Linux has had for years and I’ve been waiting for it to be implemented on Windows.

  5. PowerShell is now on steroids. If you haven’t tried using PowerShell yet I highly recommend you give it a try. I’ve recently written a blog post on fun exercise that can help you get more comfortable with it. If you are still not familiar with PowerShell it is Microsoft’s replacement for the old command line. It provides you with a very similar interface to Linux’s BASH shell. It allows you to run commands from BASH, CMD, and BREW as if they were native PowerShell commands. And now with Windows 10 PowerShell will also have its own package manager. In my opinion that was the only thing missing from PowerShell and now it’s just as powerful a tool as BASH or BREW, if not more.
    Cortana Microsoft’s virtual assistant. If you have a windows phone or tablet you might have already been introduced to her. But it’s on a desktop with the power of a real CPU, and RAM behind her that she really shines. Searching for documents in your computer, launching an application, or searching for something online can now all be done through a voice command and incredibly fast.

  6. And for my last item i give you this chart.

microsoft timeline

I believe that any of these features alone would make Microsoft’s Windows 10 a successful product, but all of them put together they might just be enough to make Microsoft’s line of consumer interfacing products something to aspire too once again.
Paulo Diniz