Setting your DNS Records for your Azure Website

I will be showing you how to do this for GoDaddy since it seems to be the most popular choice for buying domain names right now. So let’s get started.

First head over to Azure’s website portal and log in.

Select your website


Select manage domain

manage domain

Write down your ip address

ip address

Head over to GoDaddy and log into your account

Select My Account at the top right corner and select Visit My Account


Select Manage next to domains

view account

Select your website


Select DNS Zone File


Click on the edit button under actions


Insert your websites ip address under points to and select finish.

insert ip

If you are setting up the DNS record for a VM running on Azure you are now done. Give it a couple hours for your website records to propagate and you domain name should now be pointing to your Azure website.

If you created your website using the web apps you have a couple of steps left to go.

Select Add Record at the top of the screen on the left side

add record

Select CNAME for record type.


Under host, insert your domain name preceded by awverify in the following format:


Under points to add the awverify plus your app name plus in the following format:


add zone

You can now delete the www CNAME alias.


Now go back to the Azure website and insert your domain name. A green arrow should appear. If it does not go back and make sure your spelling is correct on all the records and try again.


Your website is now ready to go. Wait a few finutes and go to your new domain name.

Paulo Dini