Getting Your Ghost Blog Deployed on Azure in Under 5 Minutes

      I’ve seen quite a few blog posts lately on getting your Ghost blog deployed on Azure using an Ubuntu VM. Although that’s a valid way of doing it there are a couple of issues with doing it that way. First and foremost, it’s a slow, complicated, and tedious process. Having to set up VMs to deploy your website is as outdated as Internet Explorer or using WordPress as your blogging platform. The second one is that if you set up a VM you are the one responsible for the update and maintenance of that VM’s software. If you use Azure’s web apps on the other hand, Microsoft becomes the one responsible for doing so and you can just worry about writing your blog and not having to maintain it.

      As expected the first step is going to the Azure website and logging in.
Now that we are here, let’s scroll down to the bottom and click on the “New” button.


Select Compute, Web App, From Gallery

from gallery

Select Blogs, Ghost, and click on the bottom arrow.


Input the name of your website, username, and password and click the check mark.



Click on the application you just created.


Click on configure.


Scroll down to default Documents.

default documents

Input config.js into default documents and click save.


Click on browse.


Once the website loads click on welcome to Welcome to Ghost post.

ghost post

Fill in you information and create your account. Now your blog is set up and ready to go.